I love to fly. I always have.

As fortune would have it, I have gotten to fly a lot; my occupation as an architect has made that practice an absolute necessity for my success. I am also fascinated with maps, geography, and weather phenomenon, so I started taking photos both of planes and out of planes. This mostly began as a way of marking time and trying to make sense to myself about where I have been and what lessons I’ve learned along with way—in both my occupation and my photography.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that my photos, which I dubbed “in-air shares,” were a lot of fun too. I decided to become good at taking photos out of airplanes, which is a lot harder to be good at than it looks. Reflections from the cabin lights, sunlight, and even the air space between the multiple panes of glass that make up aviation glazing are obstacles to the production of a clear #inairshare. My hobby of taking pictures morphed into full-blown photography once I learned how to selectively edit my pictures—to change the contrast, allowing the subject outside the plane to become the focus, or to sharpen objects that are really far away, while keeping the plane window in the frame too. I suddenly began to see my travels as opportunities for photography, in addition to their primary purpose: getting to the places where I can design buildings for my wonderful clients.

Instagram has been a real revelation to me, as I’ve come to realize that lots of people share my interests and hobbies, and I connected with a whole community of fellow aviation enthusiasts that I could learn from. I learned that my #inairshare perspective was rather credible once I started to literally connect with the airlines and airports I frequented by virtue of them sharing my shots with their own audiences.  My enjoyment level and thirst for experimentation rose as technology enabled dark skies to become darker and higher resolution came online. I am grateful to my “AV geek” friends from Instagram for cheering me on as I’ve grown as a photographer. My transformation to the “Inairshare Designer” is now complete.

All of my business travel has also given me the opportunity to travel extensively for pleasure with my family. We’ve taken fabulous vacations—using airline miles and loyalty points—traveling to points around the globe. I’m always running ahead to take photos of everything from foreign airports to exotic airplane liveries to tourist sites to, of course, great buildings.

I hope you enjoy my photography and perspective! On the site, my photos are sorted into categories and then by location. If you see an image you like, make a note of the image’s name—keen observers will note that each photo’s name contains a code based on a nearby airport, in keeping with the “Inairshare” theme—and contact me at orders@inairsharedesigner.com to order a print of the image on metal in an 11″ x 14″ size for $95 or a 16″ x 24″ size for $160, tax and shipping included. Your print will be shipped directly to you, and it will be ready to hang. These photos are largely about movement, and I love how they look printed on glossy aluminum—the clean, full-bleed lines are architectural—so satisfying to all my aesthetic impulses. I hope my views can help connect you to special places and experiences around the globe.

—Jake Davis


You can email us directly with the name of the image you wish to order and the size you prefer (11″ x 14″ for $95 or 16″ x 24″ for $160):

Let’s make something together.

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